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Kryptonite KryptoFlex 3010 30' Cable
Our Price: $56.00

  • Perfect for locking two or more bicycles, motorcycles or scooters together when combined with another Kryptonite lock
  • 10mm braided steel cable provides increased cut resistance
  • Double looped cable for use with all Kryptonite U-locks, disc locks and padlocks
  • Protective vinyl cover
Our Price: $69.99

Keep your bicycle secure with the Abus Millenioflex 896 lock. It boasts Abus' burly Steel-O-Flex construction with a steel center cable that's surrounded by 17mm-thick hardened steel links and a soft, durable sleeve that protects your bicycle's finish. Plus, Abus' Extra-Class lock cylinder is tamper resistant and it's easy to attach the Millenioflex to your bike with the mounting bracket, or by simply tossing it over your handle bar.  This lock is flexible, light-weight and easy to use.  A great choice for the day-time rider.

Abus Level 6 Protection
Abus Raydo 1460
Our Price: $79.99

Abus Raydo 1460 offers Level 8 security for medium risk areas.  Hardened Steel shells surrounding an inner cable, provide a combination of strength, flexibility and light-weight portability.  The lighted combination is easy to read.

This a very practical lock for day-time or medium risk situations.  Although it comes with an easy to use mounting bracket, it also easy can be tossed over your handle bar for a fast get-away.
Abus Steel-O-Flex Ivera 7200
Our Price: $79.99

Abus Security Rating 8. Great for medium risk theft areas.

A 22mm steel shell envelopes an inner steel cable. Super flexible and features an outer mesh sleeve to protect your ride's paint job.

85cm. 2 Keys.